Extrusion line, an innovative technique

This production system enables us to make a wide range of products based on cereals and vegetable structure, allowing us to diversify our products in the market.

The extrusion of these products is a very important technical innovation for the production of healthy and visually appealing snacks for the consumer.

Step 1

We put the products into hoppers and, through a suction process, they are transferred to another mixing hopper.

Step 2

We add water to moisten the flour and improve mixing. We then apply pressure and temperature to expand the cereals. Once the dough is uniform, we cut and shape it.

Step 3

We transfer the dough to a roasting oven until the desired final product is obtained. Lastly, we pack it and ship it to the customer.

Extrusion improves certain nutritional, functional and sensory aspects of foods by making the insoluble part of the fibre soluble, breaking down phytic acid and improving bioavailability.

We have a twin-spindle extruder with a production capacity of 300-400 kg/hour.

We load different recipes automatically, so we can produce a wide variety of final products according to the customer’s needs.

Extrusion allows different parameters to be modified depending on the desired final product:

  • Temperature: this determines the degree of conversion of the different components.
  • Water flow rate: related to viscosity and friction forces in the product.
  • Screw speed: related to the pressure exerted in the process.

Quality products

Excellence in the production process for all our products has always been the hallmark of SAAC Ibérica. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can offer quality dehydrated vegetables and roasted cereals.

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