Dehydration, our main activity

The dehydration process that SAAC Ibérica applies is carried out with a belt dehydrator that exclusively uses a controlled flow of hot air to remove water from fruit and vegetables.

Strict quality control is carried out during this stage: we check the product cuts and temperatures, the flow of material to be dehydrated, water/moisture extraction, and the speed of the hot air inside the oven.

We have a powerful dehydrator with a stainless steel metallic structure and an internal system of belts that allows the raw material to move through up to five burners.

In our facilities we have two dehydrators, which allows us to perform static or continuous dehydration.

After dehydration, the product’s humidity is reduced by 90% to 95%, reaching final humidity values of 12% to 5%. This prevents the growth of microorganisms that could cause spoilage.

 We then grind it to obtain products of different granule sizes, depending on the desired use.
In the case of flour processing, its main use is as part of extruded products or other final products that allow its total integration.

Dehydration of local vegetables

As part of SAAC Ibérica’s commitment to sustainability, vegetables such as carrots and leeks are some of our company’s most important products.

After cleaning, the product goes along an inspection belt, so we can apply our quality standards. We then peel and cut these vegetables into cubes or slices, and put them in the dehydrator in uniform layers to aid dehydration.

We dehydrate food to custom requirements

Our experience and machinery allow us to make dehydrated products to order or contract, in accordance with the specific needs of each customer and product. Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information about this service.

Quality products

Excellence in the production process for all our products has always been the hallmark of SAAC Ibérica. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can offer quality dehydrated vegetables and roasted cereals.

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