Roasting of cereals and vegetables grown in our region

SAAC Ibérica produces two types of roasted products: chicory and cereals.

Roasted chicory

At SAAC Ibérica we work with this product previously dehydrated and, once it is in the factory, we carry out a scrupulous screening process. The product is then placed in a powerful roaster at a uniform temperature for several hours, until the desired colour and aroma are achieved.

A second roasting is then carried out for a shorter time at a lower temperature. It is then allowed to cool to room temperature and is milled until the chicory root is turned into a soluble granulated powder.

Lastly, the product is sent to the packaging line to make 200 or 500 gram packages.

Cereal roasting

We have a specific oven for products containing this allergen. We thus prevent cross-contamination with other products produced in our facilities.

After roasting, we let the grain cool to room temperature and then grind it in a special mill for products with gluten.

Lastly, it is packaged in 200 or 500 gram packages.

Quality products

Excellence in the production process for all our products has always been the hallmark of SAAC Ibérica. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can offer quality dehydrated vegetables and roasted cereals.

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