Milling our products

Many of our customers prefer to buy our dehydrated or roasted products pre-ground.

SAAC Ibérica has powerful mills for gluten and gluten-free products.

Food safety,
our priority

The mill reserved for gluten products has a roller system that can be adjusted to achieve cereal grinding and milling adapted to the customer’s requirements.

The mill for gluten-free vegetables has a set of stainless steel hammers that pound the raw material until it is transformed into flour.

We also have several sieves of different thicknesses that allow us to differentiate the resulting flour according to the customer’s specifications. Flour of different granule sizes can thus be produced from the same product.

Quality products

Excellence in the production process for all our products has always been the hallmark of SAAC Ibérica. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can offer quality dehydrated vegetables and roasted cereals.

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